At Deepam, we aim to light the spark in the child's mind, and hope to make them curious for life. In our approach, we work on four pillars or channels: Computer-skills & Technology, English language skills, Personality development and General Awareness.

Computers and Technology

With computer-skills we hope to make children "comfortable" with computers and help them develop a "systems" way of thinking while using technology. The emphasis is not so much on the any specific syntax as it is on how to help oneself and learn things on the fly-to be able to do what one wants to do on the computer.

Topics range from the parts of a computer to how the CPU works and the means to access, process and present information on the computer.

The English Language

In the 21st century, English is the language that has come to spell opportunity and success. Hence, English-skills constitute an important channel in our curriculum.

Moreover, it is imperative that children are confident (if not proficient) in English so as to leverage the power of the internet and other technology.

Children are encouraged to perceive the openness and versatility that the English language offers. We are happy that several students who school in Tamil-medium schools have lost their apprehension of English after just a few classes with us.

At Deepam, we also introduce them to the recreational side of the language through stories, games, comic strips and skits. Thus, spoken English and reading comprehension are the key areas that we work on.

Personality Development

Children are introduced to the success stories and qualities of great personalities. Biographies are presented to them through presentations, photographs or even videos. We lay emphasis on the qualities that make such people immortal. We have found that children are extremely excited when personalities like MJ are discussed.

General Awareness

In General Awareness, topics of everyday importance are explained through pictures, videos and presentations. These topics range from the working of the human brain (with the doctors amongst us to pitch in!) to how the elections are organized and contemporary yet crucial ones like global warming.